The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan is the central executive body within the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, ensuring the implementation of a unified state policy and legal regulation of financial, budgetary, tax activities, accounting and financial reporting, insurance, foreign exchange financial markets, securities and state storage of valuables.

The Ministry of Finance maintains a Unified State Register of securities, a Register of Professional Participants in the Securities Market issued when invalid licenses of professional participants in the securities market are suspended, a Register of Lottery Business Entities, records dividends owned by the state, and also licenses the activities of pawnshops, stock exchange activities, and the activities of professional participants in the securities market, activities for the manufacture of printed products protected from counterfeiting, including forms of securities, as well as the sale of these products, activities for the organization and maintenance of totalizator cash registers, bookmakers and lotto games, audit activities, insurance activities related to the turnover of precious metals and precious stones, activities of non-state pension funds.