President Emomali Rahmon Familiarizes himself with Progress of Construction Work on Main Dam of «Rogun» HPP

The Founder of Peace and National Unity — Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, also got acquainted with the progress of construction work in the core of the main dam of the Rogun hydroelectric power station.

The core of the dam is one of the important structures of the hydroelectric power plant, construction and installation work in it is carried out by domestic and foreign specialists based on a plan with a high level of quality and in accordance with international standards.

In this part of the hydroelectric power station for the construction of the foundation of the core, work on pouring and crushing concrete, reinforcing and concreting galleries are in their final stages.

The design scope of work on concreting on the basis of the core of the main dam of the Rogun hydroelectric power plant is 268.4 thousand cubic meters, 240 thousand cubic meters of filled and crushed concrete have been laid to date, the overall performance indicator is 90% of the plan. The main crushed concrete foundation is 172 meters long, 133 meters wide and 23 meters high.

On the basis of the project in the area of the core of the dam, work was carried out to clean up, strengthen and ensure the safety of the left and right banks of the mountainous area, specialists completed earthworks in the amount of more than 2.7 million cubic meters.

On the foundation of the core of the dam, specialists and workers drilled and cemented 2615 wells to strengthen the cementation work. In general, 3,014 such wells will be formed in this area under the project. Now 87 percent of the work in this direction has been completed.

In the foundation of the dam, according to the project, 350 meters long, there are grouting, observation, drainage and access galleries, work here has already been completed for 300 meters.

The width of the core is 20 meters at level 1300 and 172 meters at level 961. The core material of the main dam is crushed alumina, the volume of which according to the project is 7.42 million cubic meters.

Specialists and workers of the WeBuild Group, «Tajikhydroelectromontazh» OJSC and Trevi Group are carrying out construction and installation work at this facility under the Gruner project.

The laying of materials in the upper part of the dam reached 1140 meters above sea level. Workers and specialists use modern trucks and equipment, bulldozers, excavators and other necessary mechanisms for transporting and layering the dam material.

Of the total volume of 80 million cubic meters of stone and gravel planned for the dam, 19 million cubic meters of material is deposited in the upper and lower layers, which is 23 percent.

In particular, earthworks amount to 5.5 million cubic meters, laying stone and crushed stone — 16.2 million cubic meters, laying stone — 2.4 million cubic meters, laying filters — 211.2 thousand cubic meters. At present, the water level in the reservoir is 1070 meters above sea level.

The upper level of the catchment after the full filling of the reservoir will be 1,290 meters above sea level, and the reservoir area will reach 170 square kilometers.

The President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, got acquainted with the project for the production of explosive and earthworks, spraying concrete solutions in the area of slopes of the permanent catchment areas of the Rogun HPP from the mark of 1152 meters to 1565 meters.

In order to strengthen the slopes of the permanent watersheds, construction and anchoring work is underway in four areas, including «A», «B», «C» and «D», according to the plan.

The customer of the construction is the «Rogun HPP» Open Joint Stock Company, and the contract work under the project of the Swiss company AFRY LTD — contractual work in accordance with the plan is carried out by employees and specialists of the branch of CJSC «Saddi Orieno Tunnel».

The head of state, Emomali Rahmon, in the process of getting acquainted with the progress of the completed construction works and the project of the slope of the permanent catchment areas of the Rogun hydroelectric power station, gave specific instructions to the responsible persons on the qualitative fulfillment of the goals in accordance with the established requirements.